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Welcome to Fireman!Verse

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Fireman!Verse originates from the season 6 episode "The Changeling," in which Teal'c hallucinates that SG-1 are firemen/women.

O'Neill is the fire chief, Carter is the captain, "T" is their head rescue guy and Jonas is "Probie" – the new kid on the block at the firehouse. Daniel Jackson is a resident psychiatrist at the hospital. "T"'s stepfather is "Bray" (Bra'tac) and his wife is "Shauna" (the lovely priestess Shaun'auc). Apophis shows up from time to time but only, really, as an evil hallucination.

This AU concept is so deliciously HAWT that we want a community of fic and icons and squee built around it.

To intensify the squee – Stargate Atlantis gets to join the fun. Currently, the concept is that Lizzie is a Public Relations executive and Sheppard is a bike courier – but really, anything is up for grabs in this crazy AU where our Stargate darlings get to play with fire and have all kinds of indecent sexing.

This community is open. Currently your mods are liminalliz.

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