Christi (daisycm83) wrote in firemanverse,

Title: Somebody’s Hero
Author: Christi (
Rating: PG, I suppose.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
AU: firemanverse
Author’s Note: Written for vicki595, who wanted “Janet’s life in the firemanverse” with Janet/Daniel and Shep/Weir. While I think the pairings might be a little light, I did try to fulfill your wishes, even though Janet is a relative enigma to me in any ‘verse. I scoured old firemanverse fics for mentions of her and didn’t really find a whole lot (my apologies to everyone if I missed something), so I sort of went with whatever fit.

Oh. Also, the relationships here are nearly entirely based on lyssie’s “The Little Red Engine That Could”, because I love that fic so very much. And um, this never ever would have been finished had it not been for raisintorte asking me “how’s the fic coming?” at least once a day for the last week (I found that I couldn’t possibly keep telling her that I hadn’t started, and therefore the shame pushed me into doing it) and then performing a lovely and speedy beta (and she gave me a title). So, many thanks to her, as usual.
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